AdWords (PPC) best practice, tips and quick wins

digitalstream - Jul 27, 2016

If you want to reach new customers online but your organic search is not working for you then advertising with Google AdWords will be a great option. Alternatively if you already have a strong organic presence but want to dominate further, then Paid Search can help strengthen your position against your competitors.

When you do online advertising, you are investing in your business. So it is prudent to understand how Paid Search works to ensure your get the right outcomes from your investment. Below are some key things to look out for…


Use Retargeting to take your advertising to the next level - To get the most out of paid advertising activate the most creative component known as ‘Re-marketing’. This is a display campaign using phased targeted visual ads and messaging that entices previous users to back your web page to either progress them to a sale of the next of the sales process.

Landing page experience - Relevancy is of paramount importance when it comes to ad scent (scent meaning the customer user journey and brand experience of your ad campaign). So developing a tailored landing page with a clear and relevant call to action for each ad group will help your campaign to achieve best bid rates and conversion performance.

Track your conversions - The best way to get reporting visibility so you can analysis your campaigns is to link your Google Analytics account with AdWords account. Goals needs to be set up in your Analytics and linked into AdWords this way you can correctly track your performance against KPIs such as ad spend verus leads / sales etc.

Bring long tail keywords into your AdWords strategy - Long tail keywords attract less traffic, however they achieve higher conversion rates for less money when compared with short keywords.

Broad match keywords can often be hit and miss! - While broad match keywords can reach a wider audience they are often not specific enough and will likely bring in the wrong audience, resulting in poor conversions and costing you valuable ad spend. When setting up a campaign for the first time broad match will be good to gain initial data on keywords, however before too long you’ll want to refine your keyword criteria to exact match. This will save you ad spend in the long run.

Display network - If you are just wanting a more general brand awareness style campaign to support other online activity then the display campaign is a good option. Focused banner or text ads are placed on relevant websites giving your business the exposure in the right environment.

Create mobile campaigns - Don’t neglect Mobile focused campaigns as mobile users usually have different goals to that of desktop users. Keep your ads and landing pages focused to the searcher’s intent. This requires a different strategy and insight which can be gleaned from your Google Analytics reporting.

Ensure branded keywords are part of your strategy - Create a branded AdGroup to ensure your business dominates google search results - this will reinforce a strong top of page position result with both paid and organic displaying, and keeps your competitors at bay from bidding on your brand.

Poor performing keywords and negative keywords - As soon as you determine a particular keyword is poor performing cull it from your campaign otherwise it will cost you money and low results. Again, if keywords are not giving you the results you require these may need to end up going into the negative keyword bucket so you ensure you don’t receive any traffic from them going forward.

Add extensions to your ads - AdWords offers ad extensions for your display text to support your ads, these include site-links, reviews and location info and more. This will make your ad be more relevant to your target audience and enable you to stand out from your competitors.

If you would like to learn more about any of the information covered in this article and how it relates to your online presence please get get in touch. We’ll can arrange a time for you to chat with one of our online marketing experts about how to use AdWords to drive more leads and grow your business.