Does email marketing still out perform all other online channels?

digitalstream - Jul 27, 2016

Email marketing continually outperforms all other online channels. Not only does it have a high conversion rate, but as you build up and segment your database, you can remarket with targeted offers to the right audience. Acquiring opt-in email addresses is the first key step to working out who your audience is, and hopefully who your best customer prospects are. Building your following on Facebook and Google+ is fine, but you don’t own those names - with email you know who your customers are! Below is a short list of Email Marketing best practices and tips for getting the most out of your efforts.

Email marketing is the king of the online marketing area with many businesses now in the US achieving up to 3800% ROI - $38 for every $1 spent!

(Source: Campaign Monitor)

Test before you dispatch - Always test before sending out to your email subscriber list to ensure all links are working, images are formatted correctly and are displaying, and that there are no grammar and spelling mistakes. A good tip here is to send a test to colleague to review with a fresh set of eyes.

Create the right subject headline - One of the first barriers to overcome is to get your users to read your email. The subject line is of paramount importance here. The best headlines likely to succeed, have one or more of these attributes that appeal to your audience: Self-Interest, Curiosity, News, Offer, Urgency/Scarcity, Humanity, Social Proof, or Story.

Offer value to the customer - Often businesses send emails offering nothing of value or something that is already expected. Ensure there is an offer on the website that your customers can take advantage of, or some new information that is valuable within your industry and therefore advantageous to your audience.

Have call to actions - Have at least one call to action but no more than a maximum of three call to actions per email, otherwise you will you overwhelm your audience with too many choices.

Focused landing pages - The best emailers will be targeted and concise, no waffle, have strong benefit driven headlines and supporting content that is just the right amount. You can lead users to a corresponding landing page where the full offer is detailed in a well structured manner. The landing page and the emailer needs to tie together as a seamless experience for the user, that way you will achieve the best chance of conversion.

Measure your email marketing campaign performance - You can track how many users engage with your email, what links users are clicking on and ultimately if there is a conversion. To get an in-depth view of the performance of your emailer use the in built reporting software of the email platform itself, Campaign Monitor and MailChimp have great reporting on all the key metrics and offer real time interactive analytics. Along with that use Google analytics where you can see the referral traffic and landing page conversion (key tip here is to ensure your emailer was tagged correctly) so you can clearly identify the correct emailer campaign.


About 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices

(Source: Campaign Monitor)

Optimise for mobile - Ensure your emailers are built in HTML5 and are optimised for mobile devices. Most people now will end up viewing your email from their mobile phone. If your audience has a bad user experience they are likely to unsubscribe.

Don’t over do the scheduling - Bi-weekly or monthly emailers are good. If your are trying to send too many emails, your audience may become wary and end up un-subscribing from your list. It’s much better to aim for quality over quantity, this way your users you’ll keep your users on your list and achieve more engagement and conversions.

Audience segmentation and relevancy - To get the best results from your email marketing campaigns you need to present targeted and relevant content for your different audiences based on what you know about them and refine your list as you go. To do this your email marketing list needs to be segmented based on interest or demographic criteria - whatever aligns best with your marketing strategy. All good email marketing platforms will have easy list management tools and even integration capability.

Optimise to increase your results - A/B testing is a great way to test subject lines, different email marketing messages and designs. Test one variation at a time and then measure the difference in performance, after a while you’ll work out what works best with your target audience

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