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Free Custom Mockup of Your New Website

No Cost, No Risk or any Future Obligation. Guaranteed.

When it comes to choosing a web company, we want you to be 100% confident in your choice.
At digitalstream we’re so confident you’ll love our work, we’ll mock you up a website for free!

If you like our design concept, we’ll build it for you. If not, you can simply walk away without having paid a thing.


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Here's how it works...

1. Ask for your free custom design mockup

See how good your website can look. Register your interest by filling in our contact form. We’ll then give you a quick call to introduce ourselves and get a sense of your needs.

2. Tell us about your business, your goals and objectives

Great design starts with clear goals in mind. We’ll send you a quick questionnaire to complete, so we make sure we clearly understand your business and how we can help you.





3. Review your game plan

Our savvy online strategists will call you to clarify any questions we have and then come up with a game plan to get you more leads and sales and dominate your competition. You’ll be sent a proposal with our recommendations for your business, along with what it will cost to implement them. If you like our ideas and the budget works for you, we’ll get to work on designing your free mockup.

4. View your free design mockup

It’s time to sample the pudding! You’ll then be invited to view your free web design concept and provide input.

This mockup is just a initial draft mockup and should we work together you will have ample opportunity to revise the design until it is just as you like it.





5. Yes please!

If you like your free design mockup we can get to work building it for you. It’s only now that you’ll be asked to sign a contract and put down a deposit.  


Thanks, but no thanks

If you don’t like your mock-up, there’s no hard feelings, You can simply walk away without having paid a cent. Best of all, you get to keep your game plan with our website improvement ideas for your business.

The only caveat is that you will have no legal right to the free mockup design we made and cannot use it for your website without full compensation of the work we have done.




At digitalstream we know what works when it comes to websites.


We use our knowledge to help our clients:

In fact, we are so confident that we are amongst the best in the world, we’re prepared to put our money where our mouth is with this outstanding offer! 


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