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Web Design & Copywriting

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Smart web design starts with profiling your audiences to learn how your site could best serve them. What information is useful to them? What would they like to know? What would they like to do? What would assist them to take action on your site? This is called the online customer journey.

At the start of all our projects, a Designer, Copywriter and Lead Generation Consultant come together to map these journeys out from the moment visitors first land on your site, through to when they take a primary or secondary call to action. We do this to ensure the best online experience possible for your audiences.

Let me explain a little more. A primary call to action is your ultimate goal for your website. In the case of ecommerce, it’s to buy. In the case of a service, it’s to book one. But that doesn’t always happen immediately. Sometimes visitors have to come back to your site time and time again before they choose you. This is where secondary call to actions come in

Examples of secondary call to actions include:

  • Downloading a brochure
  • Watching a product video
  • Signing up for a promotional newsletter
  • Following you on social media

But people today are more selective than ever as to what they sign up for, and so we need to incorporate other tools for interaction.

In the case of Auckland Vehicles, we incorporated:

  • Book a Test Drive
  • Online Finance Calculator
  • Autoplay, which enables easy browsing of vehicles by year, make and model
  • Drift, which is an online chat tool

All designed to make the user experience as enjoyable and interactive as possible so visitors can move towards a buying decision.

Equally important, is educating your audience as to why they should trust you over the competition. There are often many players in the same market, and so how well you differentiate your offering is vital.

Check out these two pages on the Auckland Vehicles site - ‘About’ and ‘Service’ for a nice clean, simple and yet effective way to achieve this.

For ideas on how to engage visitors to your website, that leads them down a path towards conversions, give us a call. We’ll be happy to share our insights with you.

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