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Strategy, Web Design, Copywriting & Google Ads

Davies Homes

Strategy, Web Design, Copywriting & Google Ads

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Services: Consultation, Digital Strategy, Web Design, Custom Web Development, SEO, Project Management and Copywriting, Google Ads.

Your website is your brand presence online. Smart businesses realise the value of investing in the very best web design. They care about the messages they send their online audience, so carefully choose their digital agency.

Over 2000 people visit the Davies Homes website each month. That presents a lot of opportunities. So this team ensured they put their best foot forward by choosing us.

In an increasingly crowded digital world, you need to ensure your digital presence stands out. What does your website say about your brand? Are you showcasing your products and services in the best possible light? Is your online presence ahead, the same or lagging behind your competition? Are you doing everything you can to win more business? Are you invested in online advertising and is it working for you?

When choosing a digital agency be sure to:

  1. Choose a company with an in-house design and development team. Cheaper providers outsource their work to places like India and so they have less control over the quality of work and delivery of deadlines. Digitalstream is often called in to pick up the pieces for businesses who chose someone cheaper and end up with a website that is far less than what they were promised. Or worse, one that months on is still not finished. Which brings me to my next crucial point...
  2. Choose someone who is established and proven. True expertise only comes with experience. Digitalstream was established in 1999, has 20 years and thousands of projects to draw upon so you can be assured of the very best advice and solutions.
  3. View a portfolio of work first as like anything in life, past work is the best indicator of future performance. Digitalstream has an extensive portfolio across all sectors, but you already know that as you’re looking at it!
  4. Choose someone who will invest time in strategy. Digitalstream maps customer journeys conducts competitor research and help businesses coin their point of difference online. A lead generating website is dependent on proper planning and preparation from the onset. The goal is to lead the visitor down a path to contact you and this needs to be carefully mapped. With Davies Homes website, pay attention to the ideas gallery and read ‘mistakes to avoid’ at the bottom of the Your Dream Home page for examples of how we’ve achieved this. Both were included to educate and engage visitors, providing them with an enjoyable and informative online experience.
  5. Finally, when crafting the messages for your new website, don’t be modest and invest in professional copywriting services. We provide copywriting for most of our clients and what we find is that many shy away from putting their best foot forward. Now is not the time to hold back. Your visitors need compelling reasons to choose you. Davies Homes provides many. Pay attention to the copywriting on their homepage to see for yourself. There isn't a lot of content, but what’s there certainly gets visitors thinking ‘can I afford to choose anyone else?’

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