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Writing about technical services can be challenging, as you’re often writing to quite different audiences. There are those that understand well the inner workings of your services, and those that have little if any knowledge of it. How do you get key messages across without patronising one audience or losing another?

It starts with really understanding your audiences, and how they would choose to interact with your site. What information is useful to them? What would they like to know? What would they like to do? What would assist them to take action on your site? This is called the online customer journey.

At the start of all our projects, a Designer, Copywriter and Lead Generation Consultant come together to map these journeys out from the moment visitors first land on your site, through to when they take a primary or secondary call to action. We do this to ensure the best online experience possible for your audiences.

In the case of Utility Technology the audiences are:

  • Consultant Electricians & Engineers
  • Developers and Architects
  • Rest Home Owners
  • Hotel Owners
  • Body Corporate Managers

A great way to tailor a message to each group is to develop a content page especially for each target audience. You’ll see how we’ve done this under ‘Applications’ on the site. This approach means you can promote those features and benefits that would mean the most to each audience. It also means you can adjust your language to their level of technical aptitude.

On this site, we’ve focused on both Products and Solutions, even though the product provides the solution. Again, this is because the various audiences need different information to assist them in making a purchasing decision. For example, an electrical consultant may be only interested in the actual meter reading, so they can go straight to a page that lists all the readers they can choose from. However, for a body corporate manager, that page may mean little to them.

They need an automatic data meter reading system, so they can:

  • Instantly read every meter, whenever you need to
  • Automatically measure electricity, gas and water usage
  • Automatically and accurately generate invoices
  • Export data into your accounting program

It’s the same product, but positioned differently. An electrical consultant doesn’t need to be told how a meter reader works, but someone new to this technology may do.

Many companies can build websites, but few build them with intelligence. When you engage digitalstream, we think all this through at the start of your project so you get better traffic, better user engagement and better results. Your website is often your most important marketing tool - make sure you do it right.

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