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40 new keywords are gained as two websites merge

Merging two websites is challenging, especially when one targets consumer terms and the other commercial ones.

The Challenge

What is the best way to merge two websites with less content without losing rankings? That was the challenge digitalstream faced. Watersmart and Stormwater Solutions were two separate websites. Watersmart targeted consumer terms like “water tanks”, “rainwater tanks” and Stormwater Solutions was focused on technical terms like “stormwater detention”, “stormwater management”.

The Solution

All of our work at Digitalstream is based on a strategic approach. To achieve desired results, we anticipate problems, brainstorm solutions, and plan carefully. Our approach is never tick-flick. It’s always about executing a carefully planned strategy towards an end goal. Our team invests a lot of personal energy into providing top-of-the-line service to our clients. For true professionals who take pride in their work, it is this level of intrinsic satisfaction that drives us.

The Result

Our careful planning and execution help us achieve the desired results for our clients – just take a look at the impressive graph below! Yes some keywords moved from the top 3 position to the top ten, but that was to be expected. On the whole, however, we actually gained more ground in top ten positions. We had 25 top 10 positions before the site went live, but we now have over 60 after continuous optimization.

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