Are you underselling yourself? Now is not the time to be modest.

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In an increasingly crowded digital world, you need to do everything you can to stand out

If your business is struggling to reach its full sales potential, then our copywriting service can help. Getting people to take notice of what you say can be the difference between a business that’s ‘ticking by’ and one that’s taking off.

Get noticed or be forgotten
It’s vital to stand out with a good story and strong messages.

We want to ensure your business is not forgotten, and so we carefully think through how to best position your point of difference. Look at how we’ve managed to achieve this for so many of our clients. Learn a little about the approach we will take to ensure your business stands out. 

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Know your audience

Smart web content writing starts with profiling your audiences to learn how your website can best serve them.

Now is not the time to be modest

If you’re the best – say so, but provide credible reasons to back it up.

Anyone can use words like ‘quality’, ‘professional’, ‘care’ and ‘commitment’, but they mean nothing without proof. Provide clear and specific reasons to get in touch.

Here you can see five key reasons why Eftco is your best choice for getting paid.

Create a stand-out first impression

People judge a book by it’s cover. Your homepage is that cover and your banner statement is the title.

If you want visitors to take a closer look at what you have to offer, make a bold and powerful statement at the very start.

A powerful message establishes credibility in an instant, while generating excitement and creating desire.

Have a laugh ...where appropriate

You may want to have fun with your messaging, when explaining why your product or service is superior.

Inject personality and flair into your website for a fun and refreshing user experience. Using humour can help build rapport and encourage people to get in touch with you, by providing a welcome break from every other website out there.


Craft a winning unique value proposition (UVP)

Powerful value propositions generate interest and desire – fast.

Your website needs to be able to quickly communicate your point of difference and what you can offer.

Within a few weeks of this website launching, this development had 20 sections under contract.

Throw in a winning message or two!
Key messages are a great way to position value too. Browse this site to see how we have positioned their compassionate lending practices as a clear point of difference by using two powerful messages:
Provide high level features and benefits...
Clearly summarise features and benefits at a high level for those who like to scan websites.
Backed up with facts and explanations

Then expanded on them, for those who need more information to make decisions.

But don’t sugar coat your messaging too much...

Be sure to explain the pitfalls of making a poor choice because fear is a powerful driver.

People naturally want to avoid that which they fear, but first they need to know what that is.

Don’t assume your audience knows what’s best for them

You may need to educate your audience on what to look for when choosing a product or service provider. Educating is a helpful, subtle way of communicating value, especially in sectors where price is typically the deciding factor.

For example, these pages ‘How To Choose a Property Manager’ and ‘Property Management or DIY?’ clearly show what’s at stake if your make the wrong property management choice. While ‘Asbestos Removal Mistakes To Avoid‘ explains how not all asbestos removal services are created equal. By way of another example, you may want to check out Aqua Pools

Anticipate their next step

Include strong, relevant calls to action. Really think through what will motivate your audience to take that next step.

Little things like changing a button to say ‘Request A Job’ instead of ‘Get A Quote’ can make a big difference to people wanting an emergency electrician for example.  Or ‘Request a Service Comparison’ in place of ‘Free Appraisal’ if you’re in an industry where everyone is pitching on price and you want to explain how not all services are equal.

Break it down

Make the value you add clear. Break it down into an easy-to-follow checklist or key messages with supporting icons.

Many people scan websites, so make it easy for them to understand what you have to offer. 

Make it easy

Clearly signpost your services, so it’s easy for your audience to find what’s relevant to them. If they can’t find what they’re looking for fast enough, they’ll look elsewhere.

Promote 5 Star Reviews

If you have something to shout about, don’t be shy. Tell your customers why you’re the best! See the small pop up on this site?  50+ 5 Star Reviews is something to shout about. 

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Our copywriting service speaks for itself. We cover all industries and communication styles from medical and technical, through to professional service and trade websites. 

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