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Not all websites are created equal

A new website is a crucial business investment. Who you choose as your Web Design Company can be the difference between an average website and one that takes your revenue to the next level.

digitalstream has been designing websites in Hamilton since 1999 – that’s 1000’s of websites and several thousand digital marketing projects completed. So it’s fair to say we’ve fine-tuned our web design experience into a proven process that will help you grow your business online. We offer a wide range of affordable web design packages and digital marketing services that are tried and tested.

Our team is fully invested in the success of each and every one of our clients. With us, you get so much more than a new website. You get a team that cares about your success and has lots of ideas and insights to help you reach your full potential.

Take a look at our portfolio of design projects to get a feel for the breadth of our expertise. Check out some of our reviews on GMB. It’s evident how engaged and committed we are to our clients. We stop at nothing to get them the very best results.

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At the end of the day it's about results - more traffic, more leads, more customers and more revenue!

If your new website doesn’t increase online traffic and leads to your business, then quite frankly it’s been a waste of time and money.

Successful websites get results.

Many people can build websites, but it takes real skill to get them to perform and not just look pretty. Purposeful Hamilton website design involves a lot more than most people realise. When done well, the entire website process is quite involved.

Here’s what you need to know to ensure your website is fully optimised to grow your business online.

Effective websites have:
  1. A clear digital marketing strategy
  2. A beautiful design
  3. Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  4. Functionality that serves your purpose
  5. Engaging content
  6. Compelling calls to action

Let’s explore a little more about high performance websites, so you understand what’s involved.

1. Step One - Digital Marketing Strategy

Our Managing Director Russell Brown works closely with every one of our clients, providing ideas and advice to help them maximise their full potential online.

Unlike other digital marketing agencies where your project is delegated to team members of varying skill-sets, some ‘very green’; with digitalstream you get the expertise of a highly regarded and experienced professional regardless of the scope of your project. Russell is personally invested in the success of each and every one of his clients, as is his team.

Firstly, Russell will meet with you to discuss what you’re wanting to achieve. This may sound a little obvious, as naturally you’ll want to achieve more leads and sales, but it’s the ‘how’ we go about achieving your goals that we delve into at this first meeting.

We’re quite specific about this, because in order to achieve a lead a number of actions have to occur first e.g. browsers need to:

  1. Find you
  2. Spend time on your website, and not ‘bounce’
  3. Locate the services or products they are looking for
  4. Take action the first time or
  5. Revisit you a second or third time and then take action, because people follow different decision-making processes and some take a bit longer than others.

This is where we delve into your current Google Analytics to measure how many visitors you get, how long they spend on your site, how many pages they browse and how many sales, emails or calls you get.

We need to fully understand your industry and target audience, so we can map a customer journey that leads them to take action on your website.

Our SEO experts look at your Google Search Rankings and start tracking your performance before and after your website goes live. This is important to show you how your organic traffic has improved.

Once we understand your 'current reality' we start to set goals around your 'desired future'

Your new website and digital marketing are designed to bridge that gap.

It’s really important to us that we have a clear blueprint for success so we know what we’re working towards.

Once we have a clear strategy for your new website we move on to the design phase.

Design Scope & Strategy

Beautiful websites are what digitalstream is renowned for. Take a look at our portfolio of clients to see the effort we put into creating the perfect look and feel. Ours aren’t your standard run-of-the mill websites.

They have a distinct look and feel that is professional, attractive, modern and interesting.

The breadth of our design capability is extensive, with websites to calm, inspire, connect, engage, excite, promote and ‘get the job done’.

Your website’s design sets the tone for the customer journey and online experience. It needs to reflect your brand and appeal to your target audiences.

Naturally the more at ease, your potential clients feel when they land on your website, the more likely they are to take action. Functional websites that are also enjoyable and easy to browse are what our team of designers excel at.

Templates or Custom Websites? Which is best?

When it comes to web design you have two options – 1. custom website designs or 2. templates. Much like when building a house, it is always cheaper to choose from an existing set of plans then having your own custom build. But a template design won’t suit all businesses. If you have very specific requirements, a custom website may serve you better.

While a bespoke web design is a great option, the design costs are a bit more. So we provide business owners with a templated option too. You can choose from a variety of beautiful designs that have been proven to get results. Our design team will tailor your website to your branding, design preferences, colours and you can choose your own photos and images.

Digitalstream provides full design services including graphic design, logo design, web design and print design. That way you get a fully integrated digital marketing solution, with one point of contact.

But having a beautiful looking website is pointless if no one can find it! Getting found in search engines requires a whole other skillset!

Get found in Google with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO and web design go hand-in-hand. With over 20 years of experience in Digital Marketing and web design, we know what it takes to get moving up the Google leaderboard.

Sadly, we come across many websites that don’t have onsite SEO and the business owner is none-the-wiser, despite having paid for it to be done. We’ll show you your on-page SEO, so you can have confidence it’s been done to a high standard.

How to tell if your website has SEO?

To find out, hover your mouse over each tab of your website. Pay attention to the terms that come up. Are they the search terms you want to rank for?

digitalstream are Certified Google Partners with considerable experience in search engine optimised website development. Our team researches the best performing keywords for your business and builds them into your website so you can rank higher.

Getting found online is the first step to growing your business.

The second step is getting them to take action and that is about engaging content.

Website copywriting that sells

How your website looks is important, but how it ‘speaks’ to your prospects is just as essential. Make it a pleasure for your audience to browse your site with content that’s beautifully laid out and enjoyable to read.

  • It’s vital to stand out with a good story and strong messages.
    Does your website capture the full value of what you can offer your clients?
  • Is your point of difference clear? Do you have a strong offer?
  • Is your content interesting and helpful?
  • Does it tell the story of your business? Does it help build trust and credibility?

Need help writing your content? Our web content writing is very affordable and highly impactful. We have a comprehensive copywriting portfolio of clients, across all industries.

Our copywriter will interview you to capture your point of difference and key messages. She will conduct comprehensive research and map your customer journeys, before crafting digital content that’s clear, concise and compelling. You can read about her approach to content development and some of the techniques she incorporates to encourage visitors to take action on your website by checking out Copywriting Services and the article What is Good Copywriting and Can it Really Increase Sales?

So far we’ve looked at the aspects of web design that are visible like being found, having a great design and engaging content. But there is another really vital consideration…

Secure and robust web development

How robust and secure your website is influenced by the technology it’s built on. Digitalstream develops websites on Shopify and WordPress.

Ultimately you want your website to be found, load fast and be easy to update. It needs to be secure and future proof. You should be able to easily transfer your website to another provider, but if it’s not built in a universal platform like Shopify or WordPress, it’s difficult. It’s essential to get the right setup from the start to ensure your site is fast, secure and future proof.

Our web development team have on average 15 years experience each, and are highly skilled. They all have Bachelors or Masters Degrees in Programming and apply best practice coding to ensure your site is fast to load, secure and robust. Our processes and systems have been tried and tested on thousands of websites, so we’ve had plenty of time to perfect them.

We never outsource any aspect of our projects, because we like to stay in complete control of quality and delivery. Be wary of web design companies that send work offshore. It often results in poor outcomes for the client as we have seen time and again when companies ask us to step in and pick up the pieces.

What are the risks of going with a web developer's own platform?

digitalstream made the decision to move away from our own custom platforms to WordPress and Shopify because it was in the best interests of our clients. Both of these technology companies are leaders in web development and ecommerce platforms.

With hundreds of developers and tens of millions invested in continually improving this software, nothing compares to what they offer. Be wary of choosing a web developer that uses their own software.

  1. Is it future proof?
  2. What happens if they go out of business?
  3. How will you update your website?
  4. Will you be able to move it to someone else?
  5. Is their system complicated to use?
  6. Will you be having to continually fork out money for updates?

These are important questions to ask, but with us, you don’t have to worry about any of this. You retain control over your website and it’s future proof because anyone experienced in WordPress and Shopify can manage it for you.

There is one other important consideration when looking at Hamilton Web Design, and that’s hosting.

Reliable Hosting

Our hosting is very affordable, starting at just $50 + gst a month. We host websites via Sitehost, which is a highly regarded and very responsive company. Their customer service is exceptional.

Local, proven and preferred

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digitalstream is your best choice for Web Design Hamilton. Our team really care about our clients and helping them reach the next level of digital success.

We offer specialist knowledge and experience across all aspects of exceptional web design, so you get a lot of value from our services.

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Today there are more web development companies than ever before, but we have two decades of proven customer service and hundreds of clients that can attest to our exceptional service. Partner with a team that has been developing websites for Hamilton businesses since 1999.

digitalstream’s clients range in size from small start-ups to large corporates and well-known brands. We have lots of insights to share to help your business maximise its sales online.

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