How do you choose a web design & digital marketing agency?


How to choose a web design and digital marketing agency
We’ve compiled a list – naturally, we tick all the boxes

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a web design company and digital marketing agency. Learn what to look for so you can make the best choice and know what mistakes to avoid.

Established 1999

digitalstream has been around since Adam was a cowboy and the internet was dial-up. We have over 20+ years of unbeatable experience. While other agencies may claim to have ‘combined experience’, it’s actual experience that counts.

Founder Russell Brown created digitalstream when the internet turned mainstream. In an era when you ‘let your fingers do the walking’ in order to find products or services (remember yellow pages anyone?) …getting them to tap instead was pretty exciting and very cool!

20+ years on and our industry is just as exciting, because there is always something new to discover. We were around at the start of Email Marketing, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Local SEO, Live Chat, Ecommerce and more. digitalstream has been on the cusp of these exciting new digital marketing platforms, helping our clients adapt so they don’t get left behind.

Today, the world is learning to live and work in new ways. Businesses are having to adapt like never before. Our team is here to help you work out what these changes mean for you, so you can grab hold of every opportunity.

What can we offer you?

So with introductions aside, what can digitalstream offer you besides enthusiasm, experience and good old fashioned service?

We’ve compiled a brief summary below so you know what to look for when choosing a digital marketing partner. Naturally we tick all the boxes, so we hope you choose us!

We provide full services in-house

digitalstream offers a complete end-to-end service, from brand values, graphic design and logo creation through to web design, copywriting and digital marketing. By keeping all services in-house, we can work more efficiently and keep costs down for our clients. We can also collaborate creatively as a team to find the best solutions for them.  

We never outsource any aspect of our projects, because we like to stay in complete control of quality and delivery. Be wary of companies that send work offshore, it often results in poor outcomes for the client as we have seen time and again when companies ask us to step in and pick up the pieces.

For small, medium and large businesses - local, national and global

digitalsteam works with local, small business owners, through to large corporations that span every corner of the globe.

You can be assured that whatever your scale, you’ve got the same team of caring professionals working in your best interest.

Across all industries

Check out our portfolio to find examples of our work for your industry. They say ‘past behaviour is the best indicator of future behaviour’, we’re proud of our work which is why we feature it so prominently across our site.

You can be assured of a strong, attractive and professional online presence.

Credible, proven and technically savvy

Your digital marketing and web design project is in safe hands with digitalstream. Everyone on our team has considerable industry experience; they are all ‘seasoned professionals’. Our developers have Bachelors or Masters Degrees in Programming, and our Lead Generation Consultant has a Bachelors Degree in Management Systems and Strategy. 

Experience matters most in challenging situations, be that today’s current economic outlook, or a custom built, technically complex project.

Everything we do is geared towards results

Your website and digital marketing has a very important job to do – generate leads and sales for you. When designed well, it can tip the scales from getting by… to highly profitable in just a matter of weeks.

Many people can build websites, but it takes real experience to get them to perform for your business and not just look pretty. There are so many facets to ensure your website is up to the job including great content, conversion optimisation, design, SEO, great offers, turning visitors into leads and sales…and so much more!

Don’t take the risk of leaving that to a guy or girl just out of university, the agency that outsources it overseas or the designer that’s just taken up website development. We have seen it time and time again, while well meaning it often gets poor results for the unwary business owner and we have had to pick up the pieces many times before.

World leading software that is proven, preferred and robust

digitalstream made the decision to move away from our own software to WordPress and Shopify because it was in the best interests of our clients. Both of these platforms are leaders in web development and ecommerce.

With hundreds of developers and tens of millions invested in continually improving this software, nothing compares to what they offer. Be wary of choosing a web developer that uses their own software.

1. Is it future proof?
2. What happens if they go out of business?
3. How will you update your website?
4. Will you be able to move it to someone else?
5. Is their system complicated to use?
6. Will you be having to continually fork out money for updates?

These are important questions to ask, but with us you don’t have to worry about any of this. With us, you retain control over your website and it’s future proof.

Fast, flexible and very affordable

Many people think you have to pay a lot for a quality service like ours, but we only charge what’s fair and what we would be prepared to pay ourselves for a high value service that gets results.

What’s more, we have our processes down-pat. Our team runs smoothly and is highly competent so you can be assured your timeframes are met. Having designed thousands of websites, we have the experience to work flexibly and deliver custom solutions too.

Parting thoughts...

At digitalstream our goal is simple. We’re here to help businesses be more successful through smart digital marketing. We understand what those extra leads can mean; after all, we’re a small business too.

We’ve fine-tuned our digital marketing and web design experience into a proven process that will help you get focused, grow your sales and grow your business.

We get excited by the results we deliver our clients! Be that getting them to the first page of Google, dramatically increasing their leads, designing a logo that sets them apart or delivering a strong online presence for a new business – it’s achieving goals that drives us.

So that’s our story, thanks for reading. We’d love to meet you. So reach out to us and say hi.

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