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Looking to grow supporters and improve your online presence?

digitalstream specialise in non profit web design. We love getting behind great causes, helping them deliver a world-class online experience.  In our portfolio you’ll find some large charities, but also some lesser known ones that have recently launched. Learn how we follow best practice by rolling over some of the showcase examples below.  

A clear and compelling website is one of the hardest working tools your charity will have

Charities and non profits face unique challenges when designing their websites. The right impression and features are crucial in getting your message across. Get everything your organisation needs to thrive online with the very best not-for-profit and charity web design!

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Position your cause

It starts here, with your cause and what you exist for. Can your audience relate to your messaging? Is it easy for them to understand? Does it compel them to get behind you?

Position your cause in a meaningful way with a standout design – attractive, modern and professional. People form connections with causes that clearly explain the difference they make.  Ensure your cause stands out.

Tell your story

Your positioning speaks to the mind (what you do), while sharing personal stories speaks to the heart (the difference you make). By bringing hearts and minds together, charities can deliver a powerful message to grow supporters and extend their reach. 

Variety the Children’s Charity provides first-hand accounts of children who have been supported through donations. Each story is personal and deeply moving.

Share facts and urgency

If your needs are urgent, make this clear. Facts are confronting and much harder to ignore than generic messages, no matter how inspiring those messages are.

National Wetlands Trust provides another example of sharing facts and urgency. Did you know that 90% of New Zealand’s wetlands have been lost? Wetlands improve water quality, reduce flood risks, provide biodiversity and play a vital role in managing climate change. Their goals are urgent… will you help them?

Explain what donations will be used for

You need your audience’s support to further your cause, so it’s vital they understand how making a one-off-donation or becoming a regular giver can help.

Show them the difference they can make with clear examples of what their donation will be used for.

Provide many avenues for support

Reach and engage supporters in your cause from discovery through to donation and membership.

Offer many avenues for them to support you, with clear pathways for both. Consider businesses, community groups, families and individuals – what are the various ways they can contribute to your cause?

We make it easy, secure and robust

Built in WordPress, a hugely popular web development platform, anyone experienced in WordPress can manage it for you. You retain full control over your website. Be wary of developers that use their own software. What will happen to your website if they go out of business?

All our web developers are highly experienced, and apply best practice coding to ensure your site is fast to load, secure and robust.

We never outsource any aspect of our projects, because we like to stay in complete control of quality and delivery. Sending work offshore often results in poor outcomes for the client as we have seen time and again when companies ask us to step in and pick up the pieces.

Trusted, Proven & Preferred

digitalstream has been around since 1999. That’s over 20+ years of unbeatable experience. While other digital agencies may claim to have ‘combined experience’, it’s actual experience that counts.

Many people can build websites, but it takes experience to get them to perform and not just look pretty. digitalstream is passionate about non profit and charity web design. You can trust us to follow best practice. 

Keep the connection going

Make it easy for your audience to keep learning about the good work that you do, with options to follow you on social media or subscribe to your database.

Invest in world leading software

Built in WordPress, a hugely popular web development platform that’s secure, robust and easy to use.  Retain full control over your website and keep content current with a system that’s easy to update. 

Future proof your website

Get all the features you need with a website platform that integrates with the very best tools for charities and non profits. Fundraise, take one-off donations, set up regular giving, post events and much more.  

View some of our showcase


Did you know that there is one charity for every 170 people in New Zealand*? Make your cause stand-out and follow best practice. Read how Littlemore achieved this.
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Read the five best practice techniques of charity web design that APODC included in their website.
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Male Support
Services Waikato

Male Support Services Waikato provides for the specific needs of male youth and adult survivors of abuse. Boys and men can be victims of all forms of abuse including domestic violence and rape, and this site was designed to reach out to them.
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Safe Man
Safe Family

This is an example of a small, but beautiful charity website. The charity value proposition is clear - ‘helping families heal together, stay together’. The home page provides an overview of the charities purpose and how it works. You can then browse further to read stories of success, the people involved and the organisations strategy for healing. Of course, ways to get involved feature too, along with links to news and events. The imagery, colours and design are all used to evoke feelings of hope and healing.
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This trust had a tight deadline, but just like Santa we came through and delivered their website in just one week. Not quite as fast as Santa’s one night, but still pretty good!

Not only does this website capture the spirit of Christmas, it also provides a direct line to Santa himself. Chat to Santa and his Little Helper while you find out more about Christmas events in Hamilton.
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Music Therapy

Music Therapy is the planned use of music to assist with the healing and personal growth of people with identified emotional, intellectual, physical or social needs. This website connects clients with Registered Music Therapists in their area, provides an extensive Members Area, and promotes upcoming events and much more.

We love capturing the spirit of the organisations we serve, and I’m sure you’ll be as moved when browsing this inspirational site. Be sure to check out Lou's story.
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