Customer Support and Billing Policy

Support Urgency List
Please contact us immediately on 0800 344 482 if your enquiry is on the urgent list below:
  • Your website is down or not working correctly
  • Your ecommerce payment system is not working
  • Key functionality on your website is not working
    • e.g. a contact us form, other forms
    • contact us are details wrong
    • pricing is incorrect
Customer Support and Billing Policy 

All customer support, changes and updates are covered by our Customer Support and Billing Policy. All changes and updates are charged at a time and materials basis with a minimum charge of $31.25 + GST.

Regarding the minimum charge of 15 minutes for support, the charge will differ depending on the rate of the person who is looking after your request.

All support is charged at the following rates:

  • $125 + GST per hour for general support team
  • $150 + GST per hour for senior developers and designers

Minimum charges consist of tasks such as

  • Setting up email addresses for you
  • Registering a domain name for you
  • Making a DNS change for you

If you require a quote before we proceed, please let us know. In some cases we may need to provide a low and high quote as it may not be clear how long the changes may take. 

In certain cases, it may be a software or systems issue and once resolved we can let you know if the time taken is not chargeable.

All support and updates to your website or related products and services are considered chargeable requests for our time.

All other website and support requests that are not considered urgent, please send an email to

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