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Edwards Law – Employment Law Specialists

The Challenge

Edwards Law approached digitalstream to help them rank for highly lucrative keywords like ‘Employment Lawyer NZ’. Just how lucrative? 8100 searches a month!

The Solution

So how did we do it? It’s all about hard work. Nowadays, there are no shortcuts to ranking high. The best in the industry follow a multi-faceted approach that includes quality content, on-page optimisation, quality link building, technical SEO, and GMB optimization.

The Result

Having had virtually zero online visibility organically, they have taken out the top spot for Employment Lawyer NZ, Employment Lawyers! 100% visibility – now that’s a perfect score.

But wait… it gets better. Ranking them didn’t even take that long. On the 1st of November, they weren’t ranking, but on the 20th of March, they hit #1. It’s only been four months!

How did we manage to rank them so quickly? The simple truth is that we know what we’re doing, and not all agencies do. How do we know this? Many businesses turn to us when they have wasted tens of thousands of dollars on SEO improvements that didn’t yield results.

Get to the top of search results quicker with a team whose results speak for themselves.

But we’re not one trick ponies – check out all our other success stories.

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