A new website is an investment in your business, and so it pays to choose your web company wisely. A well-designed website will pay for itself in no time at all by getting you more leads, just like Constore’s new site has.

Web Design, Copywriting & Google Ads

Client: Constore

Services: Consultation, Digital Strategy, Web Design, Custom Web Development, SEO, Project Management, Copywriting & Google Ads.

Website Redesign

Even we were blown away by the difference in leads Constore’s new site made, and we’re used to seeing improvements. The goal conversion rate more than doubled overnight.

Now one in eight visitors to this site ends up filling in a form or calling. What’s more, Constore’s bounce rate (which measures the number of visitors that land on a site only to instantly leave) has halved. What does this mean? Increased interest in their services, resulting in increased leads and sales.


Make sure you give us a call so we can explain how we will ensure your new site works harder and smarter for you. With clear ‘calls to action’’, professional copywriting, attractive design and easy navigation, we’ll get you the extra leads you need to make your business extra profitable.

Many people think you have to pay a lot for a complete end-to-end service like ours, but digitalstreams’ complete packages are cheaper than you think, which makes us the smart and affordable choice for those looking at redesigning their website.

Google Ads

When we took over Constore’s account it was falling well short of expectations.

Unfortunately, we see this all too often. Sometimes there is little to know management activity in the account, so the client is paying for work that is not occurring. At its worst, we’ve discovered bogus Google Ads accounts that didn’t exist, so the client was paying around $2,000 a month for nothing! Be wary of so-called ‘packages’ that take a lump sum off you each month to “pay google directly”. Always ensure you – not your agency, pay Google directly.

In this case, the agency was above board but 40% of the search terms were irrelevant, so Constore was paying for clicks related to ‘ottoman storage’, ‘wardrobe storage’ and ‘kitchen storage’, plus a range of other pointless search terms like ‘airport storage’.

Learning your hard earned money has been wasted by apathetic, lazy agencies who take a ‘set and forget’ approach to google ads management is distressing. They should be working to get you qualified leads – after all, you pay them good money to.

On a regular basis, your google ads manager should be:
Is your agency doing all this? We can find out! Ask us to audit the existing provider’s management of your account. It’s easy to do and it costs you nothing.

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