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Many people need help thinking creatively when writing content for their website, and that’s understandable because writing for the web can be tricky.

Capture Your Audience

When writing for an online audience, you need to be able to quickly communicate why, what, when, where and how in a matter of a few seconds.

Coin Your Difference 

People scan websites more than they read them, so the key to good copywriting is to clearly and concisely tell your audience why they should choose you over your competitors. After all, they won’t be browsing just your website!

Create Interest

What’s more, you need to engage your visitors because there are so many distractions in the online world such as Facebook notifications, news headlines, Instagram posts, games and emails… Therefore it helps if your content is memorable by being interesting, funny (where appropriate) and compelling.

Communicate Credibility

For most, the first introduction they have to your business is through a website and how that site speaks to them is vital for gaining trust, credibility and commitment. Your brand isn’t simply your logo or products, it’s also the promise you make to your audience and this needs to communicated well to build long-term relationships.

Our copywriting service is affordable and ticks all these boxes and more as we successfully write for design, advertising and marketing. We take the time to understand who your audience is, what you’re trying to say to them and how to shape messages to suit their preferences.

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Don’t take our word for it, see for yourself.

Here are some examples of sites we’ve provided a full copywriting service for. From tradies to doctors, entertainers to trainers, there isn’t a subject we can’t write about!


Web Design, Copywriting & Google Ads

We loved creating this site for the business owner, Raz. Raz is passionate about providing an electrical service that’s second-to-none. The design played on the ‘Viper’ name in that’s it’s sharp, striking and shockingly good. Raz’s audience is diverse, from home and business owners, through to builders looking for an electrical contractor. It was important to tailor the key messages to each group and promote his many services.

Check out his website to see that, like Raz, we are shockingly good at watt we do.


Web Design & Copywriting

Surgeons on Clarence are a Colorectal, General & Laparoscopic surgical care team that are newly established. Therefore, it was important that the site connected with the intended audiences of patients and referring doctors.

As you browse the site you’ll see how it is comprehensive, yet easy to read. You can find information on all the conditions and services they treat, with medical symptoms and treatment options that are easily explained.

As you view this site, pay attention to the images, colours and key messages which help to build trust and connect with the visitor. Like all our websites, we spent a lot of time ensuring it was optimised for keywords so it can easily be found online.


Web Design & Copywriting

It can be exciting but also daunting starting a new business. Our team is here to help small business owners, like you, get the best start possible.

We spend time getting to know you, your goals and business. Then we come up with a plan to successfully promote your products and services. We ensure you get the right exposure, attract the right visitors and, most importantly - get leads and sales. We help build awareness of your brand, communicate your key messages and position your products and services.

Authentic Communication is also the distributors of The No-Fault Zone Game ® which you can buy online via their website.


Web Design & Copywriting

Read all about it! Mahons Amusements is the hottest ticket in town, and digitalstream created a fun website all-round!

Check out the bold design, playful copywriting and colourful graphics. Every business has their own story to tell and for Mahons Amusements that was smiling faces, laughter, flashing lights, thrills and chills.

We capture the essence of each brand we work with, so you’ll never find any ‘cookie cutter’ websites by us. The best part about web design is the design so we invest considerable time creatively constructing each and every one of our sites.


Web Design & Copywriting

Embassy Finance has been looking after the lending needs of locals since 1973. Their team works in the best interest of their clients and go above and beyond to help them.

Digitalstream built Embassy Finance a website that allows people to apply online and get a wide range of loans approved within hours.

From a design perspective, we wanted this site to reflect how effortless it is to apply for a loan through Embassy Finance. Therefore the design and functionality are clean, classic and easy. It focuses the visitor's attention on applying for a loan, which is likely their intended purpose.

When writing key messages for this site, it was important to emphasise what makes Embassy Finance different to other lenders, hence the tagline - People Before Profits - That's the Embassy Difference. As you move throughout the site, notice how we have positioned their compassionate lending practices which are a clear point of difference in this industry.


Web Design, Copywriting & Google Ads

People often browse many websites before they choose one to contact and find more information about. Therefore we wanted Commercial Roofing’s site to refresh the visitor, by providing a welcome break from what they would have been reading on a competitors site.

Copywriting is a great way to bring your brand to life by adding some personality and flair into it.

Check out this page, and see how it’s a less ‘rhymes with cranky’ way to explain why they’re good at what they do. This website has certainly generated a lot of interest and business for this start-up company!


Web Design, Copywriting & Google Ads

This company was acquired quickly and the new owners wanted a new site urgently. Their requirements were a site that was mobile-friendly and easy to navigate with a strong, professional design. They also wanted to share that the company was under new management by using strong calls to action.

Te Awamutu Glass is an example of a simple yet effective trade website. All their key services are visible with multiple points of contact, while the copywriting works to build trust and credibility with visitors.

Their new site has successfully generated a lot of new business and helped to reposition the brand in a matter of months. Congratulations to the new owners Daniel and Amy Davies, who also choose us for their Davies Homes website.

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