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Google ads can be a great way to generate new leads, but only if your account is being managed well. Otherwise, you’ll end up spending a lot of money with nothing to show for it. Not all agencies are working in their clients best interests. Be sure you know what to look for when choosing a provider. Check out the Red Flags section below.

Google Ads with someone else?

Paying too much for Google Ads and not seeing results? You’re not alone. Many businesses suspect their account is not being managed well because they’re not getting many leads. But how can you tell for sure? We’ve compiled a list of Red Flags to watch out for. If you can answer yes to any of the following, it’s time to give us a call.

Red Flags your Google Ads provider may not be working in your best interest

 You don’t pay Google directly for your advertising. Instead, you pay the agency a package amount that lumps their fee and advertising spend together. How do you know how much is really going on advertising?

 There is no cost data in the reports they provide you with each month

 You’re not showing for relevant search terms

 Your ads aren’t showing in the top three positions

 You can’t find your ads at all despite assurances from your agency that they are running

 You get calls that have nothing to do with your business

 Your agency is charging around 40% of your total spend to manage your account

 You get vague or complicated answers when you raise concerns about a lack of leads

 You can’t see any improvements from month to month

 They want payment up front month to month

 They promise to get you to the number one position. But your placement is based in part on your budget, so how can they guarantee this? What's more, the first position isn't necessarily the best as it costs more, so you chew through your budget faster and your ads show less.

 They waive setup fees just to hook you in. Are they really putting the effort into setting it up correctly?

 They don’t give you access to your account so you have no way of knowing what work they’re doing each month.

 They tell you that they own the account, so if you cancel with them you have to start again and you lose all data insights. 

We see all of the above time and time again.

We’ve even come across bogus reports for accounts that didn’t exist. Be sure to check out our blog that provides real-life examples of questionable Google Ads management practices.

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Unfortunately, all too often we find agencies that are doing little or nothing for their clients, and still collecting monthly management fees. Make sure this isn't happening to you. You'll learn what activities, if any, are occurring each month and if it’s enough to generate more leads.

Got suspicions but don’t want to upset your current provider?

We understand that. We can complete an assessment without your current provider knowing. We’ll take you through our findings online or via a face to face meeting.


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