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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the heartbeat of online visibility. A powerful ranking on Google’s first page is the holy grail of organic reach, bringing businesses a steady stream of customers.

However, getting found online can be tricky. Nowadays, ranking well requires a lot of effort. To get results, you need an experienced team that will work hard for you.

That’s where we come in.

Our results speak for themselves. Check out our client case studies below.

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Ethical SEO Team

Ready to get ranking and cranking?

Navigating the competitive landscape of SEO these days can be tough. Since most businesses are competing for the same highly sought-after search terms, it’s an intense battle to gain online visibility. You need an experienced pilot to take you to the top of the search leaderboard.

Experienced SEO Strategists

Many agencies claim to understand SEO, and they use some pretty dodgy sales tactics to convince you. At the end of the day, your results will only be as good as the person working on your account. With us, your account is managed by highly experienced SEO strategists. Rather than dealing with a salesperson, you will deal directly with the person responsible for your SEO strategy.

Complete SEO Services

We follow a proven multi-faceted approach that includes engaging content, on-page optimisation, quality link building, technical SEO, and Google Business Profile optimisation. We don’t cut corners or dabble in ‘black hat’ tactics as that will ultimately work against you.

Let us connect you with our satisfied clients, so you can hear directly from those that have experienced growth and success as a result of our work.

Content You Can be Proud of

And to top it all off, our content is amazing – first class, something you can really be proud of. Take a look at some examples of SEO content we have produced for clients. You won’t find ChatGPT content here – instead, you’ll find thought-provoking, interesting, and professional content that ranks well.

Quality content builds trust and credibility with your audience and helps to boost your domain authority. Content marketing is a strength of our team, and we invest in highly skilled in-house copywriters.

No ChatGPT content here!

We tell interesting stories about our clients to show why they’re awesome, and we make them appear impartial.
There’s a real skill to that! Best of all it helps them rank – and rank they do!

Lifestyle Village

Check out the article called ‘Licence to occupy - is it right for you’. It's not a problem for us to take on contentious topics. Every story has two sides, and sometimes mainstream media only tells one. It's our job to make sure our clients' voices are heard.

Finance Company

Check out these case studies of real borrowers our client has helped. They're stories that connect with their audience and position them as the go-to debt consolidation lender.

Label Company

Yes, we can make even labels interesting! Our clients are the heroes of labels, we just need to find the right angle to make them shine.

Beauty Clinic

We are experts at finding creative ways to position our clients' services. Our stories are tied to promotional campaigns, so each month there is a clear cohesive focus.

Holistic Search Engine Optimisation

SEO solutions for small local and large, global reach companies

Our team works with both established and new businesses in highly competitive industries. Our clients include New Zealand and Australian companies (see Guru Labels below), local, and international businesses.

Whether you are a small business with a limited budget or a large enterprise looking to gain a larger market share globally, we have considerable experience in all areas. We’re proud of the businesses we’ve helped grow. We can put you in touch with some of our clients directly so you can hear for yourself the difference we’ve made to their bottom line.

For results that speak louder than words, partner with us!

With Another Seo Agency? Not Getting Results?

Many businesses turn to us when they have wasted tens of thousands of dollars on SEO services that didn’t yield results. Our goal is to get them ranking as quickly as possible, because often by this stage things are pretty dire.

Our process is proven and we have years of experience. We leave no stone unturned, focusing on quality onsite SEO, quality backlinks, content writing, conversion optimisation, and some other tactics we’ll keep secret.

How are we able to rank them so quickly? The simple truth is that we know what we’re doing, and there are many agencies that don’t. Many hire inexperienced, cheaper staff that lack our team’s considerable experience. They pay lip service to SEO. For them it’s just another revenue stream – for us it’s a passion, and we stop at nothing to get our clients ranking and cranking.

Want to know if your SEO company is doing their best by you? Check out our article on “SEO Swindlers: Why You’re Not Getting the Results You Deserve


Our affordable SEO services can start at just $750 + GST for our tier 3 package aimed at small businesses targeting their local community!

We've been aghast at what other agencies charge, and deliver next to nothing. Many of these people come to us after spending tens of thousands of dollars without seeing any results. Search engine optimization doesn't have to be expensive to be effective...


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No, we don't lock you in. We're shocked to see some agencies lock clients into 12 month contracts. We even saw one for 8 months, which is pretty random. All you need to do is give us a month's notice.

Ultimately, we know you’ll want to stay with us because of the extra leads our work will deliver. In other words, you'll see a clear return on investment. Just keep in mind though, it can take around 3 - 4 months to see results. We have proven success in ranking businesses within that time frame - see for yourself below.

Results speak louder than words!

If you haven’t asked yourself this question - you should. We put it in here so you would. Request a FREE SEO Audit from one of our strategists. Then check out this article - The Shady Tactics of SEO Swindlers: Why You're Not Getting the Results You Deserve.

It doesn't mean your website won't rank. We have taken on many clients from previous agencies and managed to rank them quickly.

The simple truth is that we know what we’re doing, and not all agencies do. Our SEO strategy focused on onsite SEO, link building, quality content creation, and some other tactics we won't reveal to protect our clients’ coveted positions.

Get to the top of search results quicker with a team whose results speak for themselves.

This is a common problem we encounter. One way SEO agencies can trick you into thinking you're ranking is by targeting terms no one searches for (or very few people search for). Many times (but not all) 20% of key searches generate 80% of the traffic through to a website.

It's about understanding search intent. Our SEO experts excel at this. We look at the most common online searches for your industry, and ensure we target the most relevant search terms. As an example, if you live in East Auckland, you are most likely to search for "East Auckland Electrician". Google that and you'll see our clients East Auckland Electrician and Viper Electrical in the top two positions. It's unlikely you'll type in "East Auckland Electrician For Fuse Box." Nevertheless, we see those types of obscure search terms in other SEO company reports. The trick is to make their clients think that they are ranking when in fact they are not. Ranking for a term no one searches for makes no sense.

A second tactic we see is that they create their own reporting tool rather than exporting straight from SEO software like SEMRush. We find discrepancies between where the agency says they rank and where the software says they rank.

Paid search, also known as Google Adwords, can work well alongside SEO.Google Ads is expensive, and you can easily spend more on advertising than you would on an SEO package with us. First, we keep your ads running while we work on improving your rankings. When SEO kicks in, some companies are able to turn off their Google Ads, scale back their advertising spend, or just run Google remarketing.

Search engine optimisation, or organic search, is the best way to reach potential customers who don't click on ads. Some people scroll past the ads to click on the organic listings.

Organic rankings can be highly lucrative. The conversion rate of organic traffic is often higher than that of paid search traffic. Organic search traffic is usually better quality than paid search traffic.

Our digital marketers work across all areas of online marketing. Our goal is to increase your online exposure in order to bring high-quality traffic to your website. SEO improvements are one of many tools to do this. Ensuring a comprehensive online brand presence often encompasses both brand awareness and high-intent search traffic.

There is a difference between online traffic and qualified traffic. We often come across websites that have shown an increase in online traffic when we look at their Google Analytics. Delving further, however, we quickly see that it's not relevant traffic and so it's actually harming their keyword rankings.


This is because the traffic ends up bouncing, signalling to Google that the website is providing a poor user experience. An example of this was a loan company that had hundreds of searches each month for people keying in “How tall is the Sky Tower”. A previous SEO company had posted a blog answering that exact question to bring traffic through. But of course, the traffic didn’t convert. One of the first things we did was remove all those irrelevant blogs.

A successful SEO strategy involves ensuring we are targeting the right search phrases through extensive keyword research. We start by tracking where you are currently ranking for these target keywords using SEO software.


We also undertake a comprehensive SEO audit.


Then we devise an SEO plan to improve your organic visibility.


After which we move into SEO implementation. This includes improving your business listings (citations), content optimisation, technical improvements, content writing, quick backlinks and many other white hat SEO techniques to boost your online authority.


We've been doing this for many years, across all industries, and use our SEO insights to improve your prominence in search results.

View some of our showcase

Pirongia Tree Service

Tree Services Te Awamutu

Searched 30 times a month
Also holds the #1 position for -
Tree Pruning Te Awamutu & Tree Removal Te Awamutu
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Auckland Roofing Solutions

Auckland Roofing

Searched a whopping 1000 times a month in a highly competitive market
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Vega Works

Charity Software

Also holds the #1 position for -
Charity Management Software & Charity Fundraising Software
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Container Loader

Searched 30 times a month
This site performs extremely well internationally
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Licensed Reclads

Recladding Auckland

Searched a whopping 170 times a month in a highly competitive industry.
Also holds the #1 position for Recladding Costs Auckland.
View Google Search

Aqua Pools

Swimming Pools Hamilton

Searched a whopping 720 times a month in a highly competitive market
View Google Search

Hopa Brothers

House Foundations

Searched 590 times a month
View Google Search

Surgeons on Clarence

Colonoscopy Hamilton

Searched 30 times a month
View Google Search


Container Storage Auckland

Searched 170 times a month in a highly competitive market. Notice how they hold the top two spots after Auckland Council? Now try searching Recladding Costs.
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