SPCA Auckland builds a multi-faceted digital asset to meet the needs of their diverse user groups

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Services: Strategy, User Experience and User Interface Design, Development, SEO, Project Management

The Challenge

SPCA Auckland’s existing website was dated and cluttered, full of information that mainly conveyed their organisational structure instead of promoting the animal welfare and advocacy work that their staff and volunteers are active in.


The Solution

The website is a core asset for SPCA Auckland communications so they appointed digitalstream for a total rework which encompassed:

  • Creating a fresh new design, site structure and functionality that is audience needs focused
  • Providing an engaging and simplified user experience for both website visitors and website administrators
  • Developing functionality for SPCA’s adoption team to allow them to post profiles for each animal to assist people when checking suitability for adoption
  • Forming builder software and database so SPCA can create and manage Volunteer and Animal Fostering applications, along with various campaigns that require signup or payment
  • Creating a highly functional CMS, responsive to the needs of SPCA’s marketing, adoption and support teams
  • Making available a library of animal care education resources for the public

The Results

  • Content rich website designed to attract users who are interested in knowledge of animal welfare and protection.
  • Built-in volunteer / foster online application makes it easy for the public to be involved in SPCA animal protection activity. It also allows SPCA to process the forms more efficiently at the same time.
  • SPCA Auckland’s website shows what a great user interface design can do for conversions.
    • 20% increase in animal adoptions
    • 30% increase in volunteer applications
    • increase in donations
    • longer average site visit duration times
    • reduced bounce rate
  • Increased organic search visibility by best practice SEO implementation.
  • Extensive website tracking and reporting that informs marketing decisions.


Increase in Animal Adoptions


Increase in Volunteer Application


Increase in Animal Adoptions

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