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Local Beauty Business Takes Top Spots

The Challenge

We love getting behind small businesses because we know what those extra leads mean. After 25 years in business, we also understand what it’s like to grow a small business.

Jorgi Lee came to us after being recommended by another client, and we knew what was at stake. If we could get her ranking for highly coveted terms like “Laser Hair Removal Tauranga”, that would drive lots more traffic to her website.

There is a greater chance of leads with more traffic, but, as I tell all my clients, SEO brings traffic to the website, it’s the website’s job to convert the traffic into enquiries and sales.

The whole package was done for Jorgi, including redesigning her website. That way we could make sure we ticked all the boxes and the website was fully optimised for success!

The Solution

If you’re a new business with a new website, ranking can be challenging because you’re up against websites that have been around a long time and have a lot of credibility in Google’s eyes (domain authority).

What makes us so successful? Our process has finally been fine-tuned through years of experience – learning from both successes and failures. We don’t stop until we crack the code and are highly competitive.

The Results

There are 170 searches a month for Laser Hair Removal in Tauranga. Initially, she was in position 14 – not even on the first page – but look at her now.

Today, she’s increased her position in the top 10 position from 30 to 66. In the last six months, their organic traffic has tripled.

We’re proud of our results, but it’s seeing small businesses flourish and being part of their journeys that excites us. Playing a small part in a small business’ success and watching them grow is the most meaningful thing of all.

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